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Sean Goebel has a creative passion for music and art from learning to play the piano at age six. At the age of 15 music and composing become and obsession when Sean began writing music and playing the guitar. Sean spent four years learning his craft studying music composition at the University of Calgary in Canada and graduated with distinction. Sean has composed music for the Calgary Civic Symphony and the University of Calgary orchestra while studing under respected composers Allan Bell, William Jordan and David Eagle. In 2006 he completed his degree in the fine arts department as a guitarist with a bachelor of music composition degree. Sean has fifteen years of experience playing the classical guitar and a strong understanding of scoring, instrumentation, form, theory, arranging, orchestration, engineering and music/studio production. His recording studio is a haven of creativity and inspiration.

Over the past fifteen years Sean Goebel has composed in a wide range of genres but specializes in classical and folk for film, TV and various types of media. His sonic signature is a bold one as Sean continuing to search for meaningful and unique elements to make his music fascinating yet personal. Sean Goebel's melodies are quietly complex: they don't always do what you'd expect, and quite often, they lead listeners down strange and fascinating detours. In short, the spell cast by his music is a subtle one -- but it's a potent one, too.

Throughout his career Sean has worked on all manner of projects from feature films, to TV productions, to music videos to songwriting for various musical groups. Sean's artistic vision is one of accessibility, frequently donating his music to the world through a variety of royalty free music programs for emerging artists and film makers. Free music is a powerful form of human expression. Sean's library is available for Marketing/licensing music for singer songwriter, commercials, and professional bands.








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